Gold Class Insurer

Recognition for Insurance Professionals

The Insurance I-CAR® Gold Class Professional™ business designation is the highest training level recognised in the inter-industry and was developed through research and industry feedback. The I-CAR® Gold Class Professional™ business designation is aligned with the I-CAR® Professional Development Program™ and provides a training program uniquely tailored to the insurance industry professional. As individuals in a business train toward the I-CAR® Platinum Individual™ designation they will be recognised each step of the way. Once members of a business have completed the training requirements, the business will be recognised as an I-CAR® Gold Class Professional™ business.

The Insurance I-CAR® Gold Class Professional™ business designation offers training for the following roles:

Gold Class for Insurance represents the achievement of progressive levels of training in I-CAR’s Professional Development Program for Auto Physical Damage Appraisers. The knowledge and skills taught can be immediately applied to increase CSI scores, improve operational efficiencies, and minimize repair mistakes.

Insurance businesses may achieve Gold Class at the corporate/company level or at the office/business location/department level. To achieve Gold Class, 60% of an insurance business’ assessing staff must achieve at least Platinum Individual designation.

Insurance Gold Class program was developed with industry input and flexibly to accommodate employee turnover and helps align Gold Class requirements with individual employee tasks and career development.