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The following is a full list of I-CAR Training courses available in Australia, including classroom training, virtual classroom training, online training, and qualification testing delivery methods. Specific course details, including duration and credit, are also available in PDF by clicking on the course name.

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Adhesive Bonding ADH01 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Aluminium-Intensive Vehicle Repairs ALI01 Classroom
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Damage Analysis and Safety ALT03 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Damage Analysis ALT04e Online
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Safety ALT05e Online
Estimator Category 2 AMBRA Online Package AMBRA Online
Understanding Cycle Time as an Appraiser AP055E02 Online
Aluminium Exterior Panel Repair and Replacement APR01 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Blueprinting Process and Damage Discovery BLU01 Classroom
MIG Brazing Hands-On Skills Development BRZ02 Other (Please describe below)
Introduction to Carbon Fibre CFR01 Classroom
Corrosion Protection CPS01 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Mechanical Systems Analysis DAM03e Online
Aluminium Panels and Structures Damage Analysis DAM05 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Steering and Suspension Damage Analysis DAM06 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Advanced Material Damage Analysis DAM08 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Hail, Theft, Vandalism Damage Analysis DAM09 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Exterior Panels Damage Analysis DAM10 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Restraints Systems Damage Analysis DAM11 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Steel Structures Damage Analysis DAM12 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Advanced Steering and Suspension Systems Damage Analysis DAM15 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Damage Analysis of Unitised Structures - Front EA001E01 Online
Damage Analysis of Unitised Structures - Centre EA005E01 Online
Damage Analysis of Unitised Structures - Rear EA010E01 Online
Damage Analysis of Drivetrains EA055E01 Online
Damage Analysis of Brake Systems EA060E01 Online
Describe Damage Analysis of driving Assist Systems EA070E01 Online
Damage Analysis of Lighting and Vision Assist EA075E01 Online
Damage Analysis of Convenience Systems EA080E01 Online
Damage Analysis of Stationary Glass NEW! EA095E02 Online
Basic Electronics for Estimators EA125E01 Online
Writing the Estimate EA200E01 Online
Vehicle Check In Process ES001E01 Online
Blueprinting for the Estimator ES015E01 Online
Schedule the Repair ES020E01 Online
Welding and Adhesively Bonded Panel Replacement EXT02 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Bolted-On Exterior Panels - Part 1 EXT03e Online
Bolted-On Exterior Panels - Part 2 EXT04e Online
Collision Repair Elements FC101L03 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Automotive Foams FOM01 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Mondeo Collision Repair Program FORA1 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Understanding the Cycle Time Process GE001L01 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Hybrid Vehicle Identification and Damage Analysis GE050E01 Online
VE Commodore & VF Commodore Collision Program GMHA1 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Malibu Collision Program GMHA2 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Holden SUV Collision Repair Program GMHA3 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Cooling System Operation and Parts HEA02e Online
Working with Coolant and HVAC Controls HEA03e Online
Measuring MEA01 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Electronic Systems Diagnostics and Repair MK020V01 Virtual Classroom Register
Initialisation and Calibration of Electronic Systems MK190V01 Virtual Classroom Register
Demonstrate Movable Glass Removal and Installation NS030E01 Online
Restraint System Overview NS045E01 Online
Engine Cooling and A/C Systems Overview NS050E01 Online
In-Process Quality Control Checks NS065E02 Online
Plastic and Composite Repair PLA03 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Learning Culture Overview PM101E01 Online
Before the Repair Starts PM105E01 Online
Matching the Repair to the Team PM110V01 Virtual Classroom
Workflow Essentials PM115E01 Online
Synchronising Workflow through Team Communication PM120L01 Classroom
Problem Solving for Workflow Changes PM125V01 Virtual Classroom
Quality is Your Business PM130E01 Online
Optimising Processes, Equipment and Compliance PM135E01 Online
Developing the Team and the Business PM140V01 Virtual Classroom
Refining the Team and the Business PM145L01 Classroom
Inspecting Repairs for Quality Control QUA01 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Refinishing Equipment REF01 Classroom
Surface Preparation and Masking REF02 Classroom
Detailing REF04 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Waterborne Products, Systems and Application REF07 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Refinish Material Application and Blending REF08e Online
Colour Theory, Mixing Toners and Tinting REF09 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Understanding and Preventing Refinish Defects REF10 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Priming and Blocking Repaired Areas RF001E02 Online
Introduction to Sanding, Buffing, and Polishing RF025E01 Online
Understanding Refinish Defects - Part One RF040E01 Online
Understanding Refinish Defects - Part Two RF045E01 Online
Basic Colour Theory RF047E01 Online
Rivet Bonding Hands-On Skills Development RVT01 Hands-On Skills Development
Rivet Bonding Hands-On Skills Development & 3M Adhesive Bonding Program RVT01 & 3M Adhesive Bonding Program Classroom
Steel Unitised Structures Technologies and Repair SPS07 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Best Practices for High Strength Steel SPS09 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Replacement of Steel Unitised Structure SPS10 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Sectioning of Steel Unitised Structures SPS11 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Structural Straightening Steel SSS01 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Introduction to Rivet Bonding ST001E01 Online
Explain GMA/MIG/MAG Steel Welding ST020E01 Online
Explain GMA/MIG/MAG Aluminium Welding ST040E01 Online
Fixed Glass Removal and Installation ST050E01 Online
Identify Structural Steel ST060E01 Online
Part Replacement at Factory Seams NEW! ST070E02 Online
Suspension Systems STE02 Classroom
Rack and Pinion and Parallelogram Steering Systems STE03 Classroom
Wheel Alignment and Diagnostic Angles STE04 Classroom
Cosmetic Steel Straightening STS01 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Removing and Installing Hardware Interior Trim TRM02 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Removing and Installing Exterior Trim, Pinstripes and Decals TRM03 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Vehicle Technology and Trends 2018 VT018E01 Online
Vehicle Technology and Trends 2019 VT019E02 Online
Vehicle Technology and Trends 2020 VT020E01 Online
Vehicle Technology and Trends 2021 VT021E01 Online
Vehicle Technology and Trends 2022 VT022E01 Online
Vehicle Technology Trends and Diagnostics Overview VT117L01 Classroom & Virtual Classroom
Calibration of Front Facing Cameras and Front Radars VT200E02 Online
Introduction to Diagnostics and Scan Tools VT210E01 Online
Camera Calibration, Inspection and Initialisation Requirements VT215E02 Online
Calibration Requirements for Blind Spot and Parking Assist Systems VT220E01 Online
Steering Angle Sensor Overview and Diagnostics VT235E01 Online
Windshields and Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) VT250E01 Online
Post Repair Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Testing VT265E01 Online
Requirement and Considerations for Achieving and Accurate Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Calibration VT295E01 Online
Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) Curing Technologies VT300E01 Online
Controlling Static in the Refinish Process VT305E01 Online
Incorporating Advanced Drive Assistance Systems (ADAS) in your Business VT310E01 Online
Pro Spot SP-5 - GMA Welder Operation and Tuning VT370E01 Online
GYS Autopulse 220-M3 - GMA Welder VT375E01 Online
Car-O-Liner CMI300 PulseTrio - GMA Welder Operation and Tuning VT380E01 Online
Pro Spot i4s - Spot Welder Setup and Operation VT390E01 Online
Car-O-Liner CTR9 - Spot Welder Setup and Operation VT395E01 Online
Understanding High Voltage Safety VT405E01 Online
Introduction to Electric Vehicles VT430E01 Online
ADAS Diagnostics - When the Calibration Fails VT440E01 Online
Electric Vehicle (EV) Initial Inspection and Handling VT450E01 Online
Electric Vehicle (EV) Damage Analysis VT455E01 Online
Introduction to Electric Vehicle Service Considerations VT460E01 Online
Damage Discovery for ADAS Sensor Mounting Locations VT465E01 Online
Car-O-Tronic® Vision2 X3 – Three-Dimensional Measuring System Setup and Operation NEW! VT485E01 Online
Aluminium GMA (MIG) Welding Training & Certification WCA03 Hands-On Skills Development
Aluminium GMA (MIG) Welding - Recertification WCA03 Recertification Hands-On Skills Development
Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding WCS04 Classroom & Virtual Classroom Register
Steel GMA (MIG) Welding Theory WCS06 Classroom
Welding Qualification and Certification WCSA3 Qualification
Steel GMA (MIG/MAG) Welding Hands-On & Welding Testing and Certification WCSA3 Hands-On Skills Development Register
Steel Welding Recertification WCSA3 - Recertification Hands-On Skills Development Register