Aluminium is becoming the future for automotive body structures

In 1970 Aluminium only accounted for 2% of car components, now this number is increasing to over 15% and it is expected to rise to 24.9% for electric vehicles by 2030.


Aluminium is becoming the future for automotive body structures

Ev’s require greater range and one of the best ways to achieve a high range is weight reduction, Aluminium is the preferred material to use for reducing the overall weight of EVs. The latest all-aluminium vehicle from Range Rover is 39% lighter than its steel predecessor.


The use of aluminium in automotive body structures for electric vehicles is one of the largest growing material components being used, the demand for aluminium in EV’s will near ten million tonnes by 2030 this is a 10-fold increase from 2017.


With the rising increase of aluminium being used in automotive vehicles, technicians in the collision repair industry will need to understand how to best repair high grade aluminium alloys and to adopt best practices when welding aluminium to ensure structural safety and compliance.



I-CAR Australia provides a range of advanced training programs for the repair of these aluminium body structures and advanced aluminium alloys that are specifically designed for upskilling technicians within the collision repair industry.


Our certified training programs are developed to keep the collision repair industry and body shop owners ahead of material and technological industry changes.




We provide best in class training programs in a range of deliverables including: hands on practical training, online learning and virtual classes.


Some of our aluminium courses include:

· Aluminium-intensive Vehicle Repairs

· Aluminium Panels And Structures Damage Analysis

· Aluminium Panel Repair And Replacement

· Ford Aluminium Body Structural Repair

· Explain GMA / MIG / MAG Aluminium Welding

· Aluminium GMA (MIG) Welding Training & Certification

· Aluminium GMA (MIG) Welding – Re-certification

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