Vehicle & Technology Specific Training

I-CAR’s Vehicle and Technology Specific Training will offer new courses featuring model specific training information.

I-CAR’s Vehicle and Technology Specific Training offers curriculum designed to keep you at the cutting edge of collision repair.

Performing complete, safe, and quality repairs on today’s complex vehicles requires advanced knowledge of the exact vehicle needing repairs — including the specific materials, parts and components featured on and throughout the vehicle.  In most cases, these are significant changes such as new model introductions and complete redesigns of existing models. Knowing how to repair the advanced materials and technologies featured on this new breed of vehicles is now more critical than ever. If you aren’t training, you’re falling behind.

Below is a list of some of the Vehicle and Technology Specific Training courses currently offered by I-CAR. I-CAR is committed to growing this training category, with new courses currently in development. Click the course links for more information and to register.

Vehicle Specific Courses

OEMCourse NameCourse Code
FordMondeo Collision Repair OverviewFORA1
HoldenVE Commodore & VF Commodore Collision ProgramGMHA1
HoldenMalibu Collision ProgramGMHA2
HoldenHolden SUV Collision Repair ProgramGMHA3


Technology Specific Courses

TechnologyCourse NameCourse Code
Fuels Alternative Fuel Vehicle Damage Analysis & SafetyALT03
AluminiumAluminium-Intensive Vehicle RepairALI01
MaterialsAdvanced Materials Damage AnalysisDAM08
SteelBest Practice for High Strength SteelSPS09
SuspensionAdvanced Steering and Suspension Systems Damage AnalysisDAM15
Diagnostics & New TechnologyVehicle Technology Trends and Diagnostics OverviewVT117L01
MaterialsIntroduction to Carbon FibreCFR01