The I-CAR Vision

The I-CAR vision is that every person in the collision repair industry has the information, knowledge and skills required to perform complete, safe and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.

I-CAR Australia was launched in September 2006 and joins Canada and New Zealand as part of I-CAR’s global expansion.  I-CAR Australia is operated by the industry for the industry under a Licence Agreement.  The Australian program focuses on providing Post Qualification skills enhancement, education, training and information to the entire industry.

I-CAR develops and delivers technical training programs to professionals in all areas of the collision industry.  In addition, I-CAR provides a communication forum for anyone interested in proper collision repair.  I-CAR Australia’s primary funding is derived from student tuition and services.  This assures that I-CAR Australia can remain unbiased in developing programs and services on an industry-wide basis.

In Australia, I-CAR is registered as is a charitable trust or organisation, with a restricted number of industry trustees. The Board of Management is elected from representatives of members and from that board the executive management team is drawn.

I-CAR operates as a membership based organisation. As such it requires By Laws which clearly set out the Membership requirements and guidelines.