Hands-On Skills Development

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Hands-On Skills Development provides unique, personalized preparedness for both collision repair shops and technicians to stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving collision repair industry. Designed to ensure end-to-end shop readiness, Hands-On Skills Development gives shop owner’s peace of mind and technicians a chance to hone their skills based on their own personal level.

Steel GMA (MIG/MAG) Welding Virtual and Hands-On (WQPA2)

How well a technician understands the theory and practice of weld safety, working with and maintaining welding equipment, and what constitutes proper welds will impact the overall consistency and quality of welds. The need for technical expertise and welding skills are essential to collision repair technicians working on major collision damage. Poor welds can not only lead to part failure and compromised safety, but can impact the structural integrity of the vehicle and collision energy management. Correct welding methods will also improve cycle time during a repair.

Rivet Bonding (RVT01)

Rivet bonding is here in a big way – are you ready? With the introduction of many new vehicles with advanced materials requiring this attachment method as part of the repair process, the need to be familiar with this technique is now. Rivet Bonding Hands-On Skills Development (RVT01) gives technicians hands-on practice and coaching from an experienced instructor to meet the challenge of this unique technique.

 MIG Brazing Hands-On Skill Development (BRZ02)

MIG Brazing Hands-On Skills Development (BRZ02) provides hands-on training that prepares collision repair technicians for the shift to high-strength steel (HSS) and ultra high-strength steel (UHSS) vehicles entering the market. This course provides the technician with the training and awareness for completing the MIG Brazing component of the I-CAR Welding Certification (WCSA3).  Each technician will learn the different application and machine setup required for this welding process and ensures they are ahead of the curve.