Welding Training & Certification

When a poor or improper weld is performed during a structural collision repair, it can compromise the vehicle’s structural integrity. The result may be a “repaired” vehicle that is dangerously unsafe to drive.

The collision repair industry understands the importance of welding for consumer safety. Yet the majority of technicians who weld in body shops today still lack formal welding training. As the industry prepares for a “technical tsunami” of new lightweight vehicles, the need for current welding training for ALL technicians who weld has never been more urgent.

I-CAR realises the importance of welding training for complete, safe and quality welds. To address this critical consumer-safety issue, we have developed our most interactive course offerings to date! The I-CAR Welding Training & Certification program offers live demonstrations that allow students to see proper repair techniques up close for a better skill-building experience, as well as hands-on opportunities to practice the techniques they are learning. This unique training format also encourages student interaction with instructors to further enhance learning. Instructors take their time to work with students, ensuring the students are able to perfect their techniques through observation and practice.

The I-CAR Instructor will instruct the student on the weld theory and knowledge, machine setup and correct technique on the required welds, together with I-CAR welding guidelines and supervise the process. The student will perform two welds of each type and will select his best samples for submitting to the independent examining authority.

As well as the duty of care issues we all face on a daily basis, our moral and ethical responsibility means we must have the confidence as well as documentary proof that the welds being performed in our facility not only look the part, but have the necessary properties to ensure the weld has provided safe and complete fusion of the metals.

Successful completion of the testing provide technicians with a Certificate of Professional Development for a Three Year period, 5 Platinum Individual™ points together with a Welding Certification card, enabling him to display to the industry at large and the motoring public that he is a committed professional, dedicated to a complete and safe repair.

Proper welds can save lives. I-CAR’s Welding Training & Certification events prepare your technicians to perform them. With the safety of your customers at stake – can you afford NOT to train?