Ford Training

Ford have authorised I-CAR to facilitate Ford approved collision repair training for specific model needs.  The specialised courses are listed below and count towards I-CAR Gold Class certification.  As new courses are made available, they will be added to this list.

The I-CAR Gold Class designation ensures that professionals are trained to have the knowledge and skills required to provide customers with efficient, safe and high-quality collision repairs. 

The full Ford Repair Manual is available by subscription from

Ford F-150

Course Pricing

Payments must be made to I-CAR Australia after registering for a training event.


Course CodeCourse NameDelivery TypeCourse DurationCost Member/ Gold ClassCost Non Member
F0010E01Ford 2021 Mach-E and New Model Overview TrainingOnline 90 mins$175.00$197.00
FO008E01Ford Service Information Navigation for Collision RepairOnline 45 Mins$90.00$109.00
FO009E01Ford Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Components and OperationOnline 75 Mins$90.00$109.00
FO011E01Ford High Voltage Systems SafetyOnline 60 Mins$90.00$109.00
FO012E01Ford Intro to HV Battery Service for Collision RepairOnline 60 Mins$90.00$109.00
FO013E01Ford Aluminium Body Structural RepairOnline120 Mins$175.00$197.00
FO014E01Ford IDS for Collision RepairOnline 45 Mins$90.00$109.00
FO015E01Ford Diagnosis Repair System (FDRS) for Collision RepairOnline 90 Mins$175.00$197.00
FO016E01Ford ADAS Repair CalibrationOnline 60 Mins$90.00$109.00
FO017E01Ford Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS 101)Online 75 Mins$90.00$109.00
FO018E01Diagnosing Ford ADAS Related ConcernsOnline 75 Mins$90.00$109.00
RVT01Rivet BondingHands-on Certification6 hours$370.00$395.00
WCSA3Steel Welding/ CertificationHands-on Certification12 hour$1390.00$1480.00
WCA03Aluminium Welding/ CertificationHands-on Certification16 hour$1440.00$1730.00


To register for any of the Ford Training courses, click on the below register button to be taken to the register & pay page to complete your course registration.

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Ford Learning Categories

Model Specific Training

These courses are designed to offer the student an overview of all features, systems, and functions of a range of new Ford Models.

Ford Systems

The programs offered in this suite of courses, provide a deep dive into FORD electronics, scan and diagnostic equipment and their uses.

Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Courses

After completing the courses within this topic, students will have a broad understanding of the ADAS functionality of new FORD vehicles, repair considerations and calibration requirements.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Courses

Ford announced electric vehicle course requirements to support the complete, safe and quality repair of new Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) models.

Hands on Certification

The Hands On Certification program is designed to provide training and assessment of students hands on ability to complete steel and aluminium welding.

  • RVT01 – Rivet Bonding
  • WCSA3 – Steel Welding/ Certification
  • WCA03 – Aluminium Welding/ Certification

Cancellation Policy

Please refer to our OEM Training Cancellation policy.

View the OEM Cancellation Policy here

Training Locations for Hands-on Courses

We do our best to try to offer welding in each state, however this is not always possible.

Class times

Training will begin at 8:30am and conclude at 4:00pm. (Unless specified otherwise on your confirmation)



I-CAR Training Academy Melbourne,
2/ 830 – 850 Princes Hwy Springvale VIC

I-CAR Academy Entry Procedure

Upon your arrival at the I-CAR Training Academy, you will need to stand on the yellow circle to undergo a temperature check by using our face recognition screen and then scan the blue I-CAR QR code with your phone camera or a QR scanning app if your camera cannot scan the QR code. The last step will be to click on the link to open up and complete the sign in form on your web browser.

If you are attending training on more than one day you will need to repeat the above process.



I-CAR Training Academy Brisbane,
Unit 1, 100 Park Road, Slacks Creek QLD



SAPE – Sydney Automotive Paints & Equipment,
Unit A3, 366 Edgar Street, Condell Park NSW



Global Autocoat,
54 – 56 John Street, Bentley WA



20 Valley Road, Devonport TAS

South Australia


MTA GTS – Adelaide,
3 Frederick Road, Royal Park SA