Mission Statement

“To provide body shops with the training, procedures, parts, and tools to return the car to its originally-engineered state of safety, performance, and aesthetics, in an easy and economical manner.”

 The Tesla Body Repair Program embraces the following objectives:

  • Quality: To enable repairers to return Tesla vehicles to their originally designed state of safety, systems performance, and fit and finish aesthetics.
  • Time: To provide repair methods and resources that shorten the time the customer is without their Tesla
  • Cost: To make repair procedures, and the requirements to perform them correctly, affordable.

Tesla restricts the sale of certain replacement parts to repairers who possess the correct tooling and training. Restricted parts include HV (High Voltage) components and certain components that are secured with welding, structural adhesive, and/or permanent fasteners.

I-CAR Australia is introducing the Tesla Aluminium Welding Training. For more information and to register Click Here