Business Performance

Is there a return on investment for I-CAR collision repair training? You bet your bottom dollar.

How do we know for sure? We’ve studied it. In our research, we followed 28 collision repair facilities that were new to I-CAR training. The facilities all maintained their existing equipment, software, paint systems and processes. The only change was the introduction of I-CAR training.

An impressive picture emerged.

Across the board, key performance metrics improved significantly. On average, after just six months of I-CAR training (compared to the same six-month period in the previous year):

  • Cycle times fell 14.35%
  • Touch time rose 33.75%
  • CSI scores rose 5%
  • Supplement frequency fell 11%
  • Reworks and come-backs fell as low as 80%

Some facilities embraced the I-CAR training, and they saw gains even higher than these averages. Other facilities were less committed and saw training as nothing more than a requirement. While they also saw gains, the gains tended to be smaller.

Perhaps most impressive was the fact that, among facilities that embraced training, during our study period these facilities experienced NO employee turnover – compared to 20% turnover for facilities that did not place the same high priority on training their employees.

So if you’re looking for a competitive advantage, the facts are clear: I-CAR training will improve your business performance … keep your employees happy … and add a punch to your bottom line.

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