Career Development

Did you know that I-CAR training is about more than just training? I-CAR training is about empowering your employees to do their best work possible.

The challenge with career development is that it takes planning and effort. But with I-CAR in your corner, a fully laid-out career development program is at your fingertips. Our I-CAR Professional Development Program™ provides you with everything you need to offer your technicians a path to advance their careers, improve their performance and be recognized by the industry for their accomplishments. And as technicians achieve and maintain Platinum recognition, they gain the information, knowledge and skills they need to perform at their highest ability.

In fact, I-CAR training improves employee loyalty. In a recent study, we followed 28 collision repair facilities that had no previous I-CAR training. After six months, the facilities that embraced training and made it a business priority experienced ZERO employee turnover. None. The reason why is simple: Training makes employees feel like they’re a valued team member.

Ultimately, when you’ve got I-CAR, you’ve got what your employees want. Offer your employees opportunities to succeed and watch their loyalty grow.

To learn more about how I-CAR can help your HR department, visit our I-CAR Professional Development Program page.