Technical Tsunami

The collision repair industry is being flooded with a tsunami of sophisticated new technologies and cutting-edge vehicle advancements. And increasingly, today’s “cutting edge” becomes tomorrow’s “commonplace”.

Consider this:

  • Vehicles are becoming lighter and more fuel efficient in response to tighter Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards.
  • Plastics, lightweight alloys and aluminum are integral to these new, lightweight designs – but they’re also more difficult to repair than steel.
  • Electronics are now embedded in nearly every automotive system, adding new complexities to vehicle repair.
  • Hidden damage is common in vehicles involved in a collision. It’s difficult for untrained technicians and estimators to spot and accurately assess the full extent of repairs needed.

The reality of collision repair today is that if you’re not training on new technologies, you’re falling behind. I-CAR training keeps you up to speed on the latest industry developments, so you can be confident you’re not just treading water … you’ll be riding the wave.

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